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Privacy Policy

Responsable: IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids)

Purpose: Sending commercial advertising communications by email, fax, SMS, MMS, social networks, or any other electronic or physical means, present or future, that enables commercial communications. These communications will be made either by IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids), or by third parties, and will be related to its products and services, or to those of its collaborators or suppliers with whom it has reached some promotional agreement and we believe to be of interest to the sender.
Legitimation: Consent of the interested party.
Recipients: Data will be transferred to collaborators and/or for compliance with legal obligations.
Rights: Access, rectification, erasure, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.
Additional information: You can view the additional, detailed information on Data Protection at our head office.

Unless you inform us otherwise, we will understand that your data has not been modified, that you agree to notify us of any variation, and that you maintain your consent to use it for the aforementioned purposes. The receipt of data through this form, if you have not freely, affirmatively, and voluntarily consented to its processing and storage, it will be eliminated immediately without proceeding to any action with them.

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In order to offer you a better service, this website uses its own cookies. You can find more details in our legal notice.

Legal Notice

General information on the owner of the website IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids), a company based in Spain (Gipuzkoa), which is registered in the Gipuzkoa Mercantile Registry, is the owner of this Website located at the domain www.olufsenkids.com.

Access, navigation, and use of this Website are free, provided that the User complies with the terms of this Legal Notice, current legislation, good manners, and behaviors usually accepted on the Internet. By accessing the Website or any of the pages that can be accessed through it, users expressly declare that they have read, understand, and accept this “Legal Notice.” In the event that you do not accept the terms and conditions presented below, please refrain from using the Website, the Company reserving the right to restrict access to the Website for those users who do not respect them.

Personal Information

The company will only have personal data for those users who voluntarily want to provide it through the Website through the mechanisms established for that purpose.

Users who freely, affirmatively, and voluntarily communicate their personal data to the Company through the procedures established on this Website, expressly authorize the company to process it in order to promote commercial actions, always respecting the legislation in force at all times in matters of personal data and information society services. Users who do not authorize the processing of their data will not receive any communication from the company, immediately eliminating the communications received by the same, considering them as incorrectly received communications.

Any User may at any time exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition, deletion, limitation, and portability of their personal data that the applicable regulations grant them by communicating to the email [email protected]. Likewise, you may contact said email to request further information on your rights.

The personal data communicated by the User freely, affirmatively, and voluntarily to the company can be stored in automated databases, without applying automated decisions, whose ownership corresponds exclusively to the company, assuming all the measures of technical, organizational, and security nature that guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, and quality of the information contained in them in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, from April 27, its related Guidelines, and Organic Law 3/2018 from December 5. The conservation of the data is indefinite, and it can be revoked through the channels enabled for this purpose.

Communication between users and the company may not use a secure channel, and the transmitted data may not be encrypted, so Users are requested to refrain from sending personal data that deserves to be considered as specially protected data in the terms indicated by the General Regulations and other current legal regulations on the matter since the security measures applicable to an unsecured channel make it inadvisable.

Personal data that is voluntarily communicated by the User will be used only for the specific purpose of promoting commercial actions and will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, being used only for those purposes for which they were collected and of which the User is expressly informed at the time of collection in this Privacy Policy.

The personal data collected through this Website may be transferred to its commercial agents or to its clients, to which Users expressly grant their consent.

Legal Regulations

This “Legal Notice,” as well as the rest of the contents of this Website, have been drawn up in accordance with the legislation that is applicable to it at all times, especially that referring to Personal Data Protection and Law 34/2002, from July 11, Information Society Services and electronic commerce, and may be reviewed and modified at any time in order to adapt to any modification of current legislation. In this case, the new content will be applicable from the moment that its modification is published on the Website, being accessible to its Users.

The use of the Website, including access by Users and browsing through it, is free but implies express acceptance and compliance with the “Legal Notice” for this Website and applicable Spanish legislation.

Links Policy

The company is not responsible for the content of the web pages that the user can access through this website.


Our website uses cookies to improve navigation and obtain statistical data on the visits obtained.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are installed on the computer that you visit our website on, and that automatically provide us with information. Under no circumstance can cookies be considered a computer virus.

  • They do not damage your computer or slow down its operation in any way.
  • You can delete our cookies at any time or reject them by configuring your web browser.
  • Cookies are only associated with the browser of a specific computer (an anonymous user).
  • Thanks to cookies, it is possible for us to recognize the browsers of registered users after they have been authenticated for the first time, without them having to register on each visit to access the areas and services reserved exclusively for them.
  • Our cookies are used to identify a user session (“session cookies”) on a computer (“temporary cookies”) and do not themselves provide a username or any other personal data.
  • The cookies used cannot read cookie files created by other providers.
  • Users have the possibility of configuring their browser to notify them on the screen of the receipt of cookies or to prevent the installation of cookies on their hard drive.

Please, consult the instructions and manuals for your browser for more information.

Our website uses two different types of cookies:

Third-Party Cookies:
They are installed on your computer by the Google Analytics service. They are statistical cookies with which we can obtain useful information to improve our website. Some data collected are, for example: the number of visits received, the origin of the visits, the keywords used to find us, or the times for the greatest influx of visitors. You can obtain more information about the privacy policy for Google Analytics by visiting the following link: Cookies policy for Google Analytics.

You can configure your browser to not receive these cookies and they will not be installed. Otherwise, we understand that we have your consent for their installation.

Proprietary Cookies:
They are generated by our website for different functions:

Authentication Cookies:
Used to recognize registered users who have authenticated on our website. With these cookies, you can access the restricted access sections of the website. If you reject these cookies or delete them, the access codes to our website will not work correctly.
Interface Customization Cookies:
Used to facilitate navigation of our website. They allow for remembering some graphic aspects of our website automatically. If you reject these cookies or delete them, browsing our website will not work so easily.

Advertising Cookies:
Used to personalize the advertising that our website provides you, based on the content viewed and the frequency with which the ads are displayed.

Behavioral Advertising Cookies:
These cookies store the information for our users and their behavior and then offer relevant information for them in the available advertising spaces.
If you have questions about our policy on the use of cookies, you can contact us through the Customer Service Department (telephone, email, and contact form provided on the website).

Cookies Details:


Name Description

Cookie used by the PHP encryption language to

allow session variables to be saved in the

Web server.

_utma Cookie for tracking usage by Google Analytics. They
are disabled by eliminating the use of cookies in the browser.
_utmb Cookie for tracking usage by Google Analytics. They
are disabled by eliminating the use of cookies in the browser.
_ubmc Cookie for tracking usage by Google Analytics. They
are disabled by eliminating the use of cookies in the browser.
_utmz Cookie for tracking usage by Google Analytics. They
are disabled by eliminating the use of cookies in the browser.
Google Analytics Third-party cookie. Its purpose is to compile statistics and the volume of visits to our website.


How to delete cookies
From your computer, you can delete the cookies installed in each browser you use. Cookies are installed in each browser used to visit us, and therefore you must delete them from each of them.

Here is information on how to do it for the main browsers:

For more information on the use of cookies, you can review the documentation published in the guides from the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. (go to guides).


The website, including but not limited to its programming, editing, compilation, and other elements necessary for its operation, the designs, logos, text, and/or graphics are the property of the Controller or where appropriate it has a license or express authorization by part of the authors.

All the contents of the website are duly protected by intellectual and industrial property regulations.

Regardless of the purpose for which it was intended, the total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution, and commercialization under any circumstance requires prior written authorization by the Controller. Any use not previously authorized by the Controller will be considered a serious breach of the author’s intellectual or industrial property rights.

The designs, logos, text, and/or graphics that do not belong to the provider and that may appear on the website belong to their respective owners, who are responsible for any possible dispute that may arise with respect to them. In any case, the Controller has the express and previous authorization from them.

The Controller expressly authorizes third parties to redirect directly to the specific contents of the website, and in any case, they must redirect to the main page of the Controller’s website.

In support of its proprietors, the Controller acknowledges the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights, with their mere mention or appearance on the website not implying the existence of any rights or responsibility of the Controller for them, nor does it imply endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation on their behalf.

For all images where the design software allows for it, the corresponding references to authorship and corresponding license have been included.

To make any type of observation regarding possible breaches of intellectual or industrial property rights, as well as any of the contents of the website, you can do so at the following email: [email protected]


For the resolution of all controversies or issues related to this website or the activities carried out therein, Spanish legislation will apply, to which the parties expressly submit themselves, and The Courts and Tribunals of Bizkaia shall be competent to resolve all disputes arising from or related to its use.


Once the collection for any type of procurement is made, accepted by means of secure payment, from the payment gateway for this purpose, the transactions department begins to make arrangements for the outcome required by the contracted procurement. No amount of the payment can be claimed since they begin to make arrangements and consume resources from IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids).

All procurements are subject to the delivery of the documentation required by IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids) to carry out the contracted procurement. Documentation demands are always endorsed in writing. If within a month, the necessary and required documentation is not received by IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids) for the complete execution of the contracted procurements, having been requested in writing and verbally by IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids), any commercial relationship between both parties will be understood to be terminated.

In the case of the impossibility of presenting documentation that is required and necessary for IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids), and there is any pending payment, Olufsenkids reserves the right to request said pending amount, and cannot be held responsible for providing the service in question due to the lack of the necessary and required documentation on several occasions.


The quote request for cancellation or rectification of files is usually valid for about 10 calendar days. Once this period has elapsed, the amount of this estimate may be subject to change.

Once the quote is accepted, returning it signed, along with the rectification requests, it will be understood that there is a commercial relationship between both parties, both parties having to comply with the conditions agreed in said quote, as well as the conditions indicated in this privacy policy.

With the authorization of the user, by signing the quote and the requests for rectification of the files, the user authorizes, to file, before the competent bodies, in the matter of debt incidents, the claims that are necessary, to obtain the cancellation requested (public bodies, such as the CNMV, CNMC, Bank of Spain, AEPD,…. Or any body that is necessary, to obtain that cancellation. The user authorizes IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids) to file all kinds of necessary claims to obtain the cancellation. On certain occasions, legal claims may be filed against certain companies that refuse to cancel the registration of files. Said complaints will be for amounts less than €2,000, for which it is not necessary to spend on lawyers and a legal representative. IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids) is not responsible for possible consequences that this type of claims or complaints may have on the users of our services.

The quotes for requests for deletion or rectification, if they exceed €250, are divided into 2 parts. One to start the cancellation request procedure, which ranges between 60 and 75%, and the other to completion, that is, when the files are removed, having to be satisfied, in order to obtain the certificates of said cancellation and that it is carried out effectively.

IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids) has a very high success rate. The maximum period for the cancellation request will not exceed 3 months. If during said period, the cancellation is not effective, due to the existence of any of the annotations from which the cancellation has been requested, the second part of the quote (the one specified with a successful rating) will not be billed. Clearly, the first payment of the quote is not returned since it is invoiced for processing, management, and consulting costs.

IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids) maintains its commitment to transparency and entrepreneurship, thanks to which it has received support from the European Social Fund, is a regular contributor to the El País newspaper, and has received numerous awards.

In the case of effective service performance (release of the files, according to the agreement agreed upon between IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids) and the user) the user, after the success of our management, must pay the second part of the payment. If such payment is not made, we reserve the right to take the legal actions that we deem appropriate.

The period of cancellation, when we request a precautionary cancellation, is not stipulated by law, and may vary, between 20 days and months (it can be a month, 3, 6, a year, or forever), therefore Olufsenkids does not guarantee specific cancellation periods. As a guide, this period may be around 20 days.

At IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids), we consider our work with cancellation to be finished once the rectification of the annotations in the files, precautionary or definitively, has been achieved. Afterward, obtaining or not obtaining financing may be due to multiple factors that are beyond our control and that depend on the financial institution and the user, so we are not responsible for the result of said actions.


The Controller informs users that the telephone calls made between them and the IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids) telemarketers will be recorded for security reasons, as well as for the effective fulfillment of the purposes for which were made, and that are detailed below:

  • Communication and acceptance of the commercial budget.
  • Improving the quality of service.
  • Resolving incidents.
  • File follow-up and control.

The recordings of the calls are considered personal data, according to current regulations on data protection, and you can exercise your rights in this matter as indicated in the “privacy policy” section of this website.

Social Networks Privacy Policy

In compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, from April 27, Organic Law 3/2018, from December 6, and Law 34/2002, from July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), the company:


informs that it has proceeded to create a page on the FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, and INSTAGRAM Social Networks for the main purpose of advertising.

The user, by freely, affirmatively, and voluntarily consenting to the processing of their data, explicitly includes the personal data published in their profile. The user can access the privacy policies for the Social Network itself at any time, as well as configure their profile to guarantee their privacy. IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids) has access to and processes the public information for users, especially their contact name. This data is only used within the Social Network itself. It is not incorporated into any file.

Users can exercise their rights regarding Data Protection at the address indicated above. Likewise, the user must be aware of the peculiarities of social networks and the limitations of IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids), in relation to the application of the rights recognized to the interested party in the current regulations on the matter. If users have any doubts in this regard, they may consult the particulars of the various social networks in their legal clauses.
The user is responsible for all content published on the social network profiles belonging to IPANEMA CONSULTING SL (brand OLUFSENkids). If the publication of the content does not comply with the current legislation, its publication is prohibited, the user being solely responsible for said publication.

Below, we have listed the link to the privacy policies for our Social Networks:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation
Twitter: https://twitter.com/privacy
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy?trk=hb_ft_priv
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/about/legal/privacy/

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